Frequently Asked Questions:

A landing pad is a must. A picnic blanket does the trick. You could also hand catch, but I have grown attached to my fingers. You can also use the Insta360 lens guards if you just want to rip and not worry about crashing and killing your camera. Camera accident protection plans are also highly recommended for all types of FPV cameras.

It is usually one of these things:
The camera is not completely straight.
Something is sticking out past the top plate or bottom plate
Stitching calibration required in the Insta360 desktop app
You could always try with lens guards, they make the stitch line wider.

Most of the time, it is because your camera is not tightened down completely straight. This can take some trial and error to get it in just the right spot.

The stitch lines are dynamic. You can calibrate them in the Insta360 desktop app. Sometimes that is all you need, to simply click the calibrate button until you get a clean stitch lines. Sometimes your camera may need to be adjusted to find that sweet spot.

Yes. To put it simply: Try to keep anything from sticking out past the top plate and bottom plate. Avoid zip ties for motor wires. Electrical tape is lower profile. Avoid traditional battery straps. Use the provided battery bands instead. Position your battery lead at the correct length where it can plug in right in the middle, along the side of the battery.

Those are for grip! They stick onto the sides of the hinge on your Insta360 One R camera cage. They help prevent your camera from moving once you tighten it down in that invisible sweet spot.

Low profile is the name of the game, so if you have problems with the battery being in view, this would be the first thing to go. I have had good results with Ummagrip Light and a rubber battery band, using a CNHL Ministar 6s 450mah lipo.

Flight time will vary by the type of flying, prop / motor / battery combination, camera angle, altitude, etc. On a 450 gram all up build with our recommended parts list, we get up to 4:30 on smooth cinematic "cinewhoop" style flying, down to about 1:30 on fast wide open flying. This is charging to 4.2 v/ cell and landing around a storage of 3.7 to 3.8 v/ cell.

Suggested Parts: (not included)

FC: Goku F722 Mini or similar 20x20

ESC: Goku 40a 4in1 Mini or similar 20x20

VTX: Goku 450mw or any nano size analog VTX

Motors: BrotherHobby 2004 1950kv (for 6s)

Props: Gemfan 5125 T-Mount props

Antenna: Foxeer Micro lollipop or similar whip type antenna

FPV cam: Foxeer toothless 2 nano size or similar nano camera

Battery: CNHL MiniStar 6s 450mah

Battery pad: Umma Grip Light

GoPro 1” straight joint extension, if planning to use a forward facing camera setup.

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